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Find a package to suit your goals
and fit your lifestyle

Hannah currently offers 3 training plans, each one focused on empowering you to be stronger mentally and physically.

Make a Change

If you're serious about making a change and making movement a part of your daily routine, this plan is for you. Two sessions to hone in on your lifting technique, develop core strength and build muscle. The third session will put your stamina to the test with a range of interval work and long endurance pieces.

3 Sessions Per Week

 2 x Strength Sessions

1 x Aerobic Capacity Session

Pack of 12 Session for £720



Strong & Steady

A balance of endurance and weight lifting split across 2 separate sessions. The strength session will include compound lifts, accessory work and core training. Whilst the second session will build your aerobic capacity.

2 Sessions Per Week

 1 x Strength Session

1 x Aerobic Capacity Session

Pack of 12 Session for £756



The Long Game

One well-rounded, total body session that includes strength training as well as a short workout. Perfect for those looking to supplement their independent training regime with a coach-led session. 

1 Session Per Week

Strength + Aerobic Capacity

Pack of 12 Session for £792



Single Session



All plans offer tailored programming, designed to encourage and inspire people of all physical abilities. The goal is to build a sustainable training schedule and cement quality movement patterns, supplying you with the tools to stay moving and motivated for life. 


Lifting Workshop

One-day strength training workshop open to all abilities. An opportunity for those looking to learn the basics, improve technique and lift heavy weights. Sign up for the newsletter to find out more.

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